Incubation: support for entrepreneurs

USAL is committed to entrepreneurship and has created a plan to foster this. In this context, USAL has created an entrepreneurship unit linked to the Science Park in which an “open knowledge ecosystem” is being constructed, a hub of entrepreneurship with international outreach aiming to attract and set up relations with a broad variety of agents: entrepreneurs, start-ups, accelerators, incubators, mentors, investors, large and medium-sized companies and communications media. As a Third Generation Park, the SPS holds entrepreneurship as one of the lynchpins of its existence and differentiating characteristics ( viz.“singular” above). The SPS attempts to nurture all activities aiming at establishing fruitful relations among the various agents involved, thereby allowing a suitable environment to be generated in which new entrepreneurs can receive support and some of the more consolidated start-ups can be scaled-up.

Entrepreneurship Support Unit:

Entrepreneurship phone: 923 294 462

Services offered to entrepreneurs:

A grants program and practical work in companies

  • Preferential participation in grant programs and practical work in companies in companies managed by USAL.
  • Employment service.


  • Dissemination of entrepreneurial cultures within the University context.
  • Entrepreneurs’ club.
  • Dissemination of entrepreneurship among research teams.
  • Dissemination of information about calls and awards.
  • Active participation in on-line platforms for entrepreneurs such as F6S, YAMMER etc.
  • Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship Week.


  • Workshops: Entrepreneurship in the 21st century: Challenges and Opportunities.
  • Training in Business Management.
  • Training in Entrepreneurial Competencies.
  • Entrepreneurial training for teachers: the Summer School.
  • MOOCs (How to be an entrepreneur, Business Management, Entrepreneurial Competencies …)
  • Access our virtual campus:


  • Help and physical support during the process of developing a company with a personalized tutored itinerary.
  • Support in the elaboration/review of business plans and financial economy plans.
  • Processing and assessment in fiscal and employment procedures.
  • Detection and support in the processing of financial aid and subsidies.
  • Assessment in the filing of company names and data protection.
  • Consultancy for business management.
  • Accountancy assessment and management.
  • Assessment and commercial management.
  • Network of international mentors: the Mentors’ club.


  • Financing forums to offer a meeting point for entrepreneurs and the different pathways involved in financing (first financing, public and private funds, investors, etc), running “networking” activities such as “roadshows”, “meet-ups”, “matchmaking events” with investors, companies and other entrepreneurs, companies and start-ups.

Spaces for entrepreneurs

  • Virtual incubators
  • Physical incubators
  • Workshops for entrepreneurs.

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